Mammographic Accreditation Phantom

   Price $500.00



Product Specifications

Phantom body:



Dimensions Overall

 10.15 (w) x 10.8 (d) x 4.4 cm (h)

Acrylic base

 1.375 in thick (3.4 cm)


 0.128 in thick (3 mm)

Acrylic contrast test disk

 1 cm x 4 mm


 1.2 lb (0.55 kg)


 Note: The 4.4 cm-thick phantom is made of a 7 mm wax block insert containing 16 sets of test objects, a 3.4 cm thick acrylic base, and a 3 mm thick cover. The phantom approximates a 4.5 cm compressed breast of average glandular/adipose composition. Included in the wax insert are aluminumoxide (Al2O3) specks that simulate microcalcifications. Six different nylon fibers simulate fibrous structures and five different size lens-shaped masses simulate tumors Each phantom includes a 4 mm x 1 cm diameter acrylic contrast test disk, faxitron x-ray image, and magnifying glass