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Mammolux 680


   Price $7000.00

Mammolux 680 Mammo Viewer .

This Mammolux model holds either 680 films of 24 x 30cm or 18 x 24cm format or 170 films of 14" x 17" format. 

 * Displays up to 680 mammography size films or 170 14"x17" films
* Includes two mini monitors for displaying corresponding low-resolution images and markers for each of the films processed by an Image Checker System
* Regions of interest are marked on the small monitors for review, but does not mark the original film


Control Panel

Mammolux viewers offer all standard motorized viewer features plus...

? Accommodate 18x24cm, 24x30cm and   14"xl7" films.
? The Mammolux 1360 is equipped with special half frame advance which is particularly valuable for reviewing multiple examinations of the same patient.
? Factory established and user programmable masking presets.
? High levels of luminescence, up to 7,700 cd/M-squared.
? Variable light controls.
? Automatic collimating of shutters to match different film formats.

? Unique "Joystick" control to move selected shutter opening to any location in the viewing area.
? l0xl0cm bright spot opening which can be moved to any position on the viewing surface  with the Joystick control.
? Easy-loading clear film grip system.
? Single belt design to assure that a patient's films always move together.
? Standard anti-static equipment to prevent unsafe    electrostatic build up and protect transport belts.
? Gentle 6' angled viewing surface that eliminates    distracting glare created by reading against a flat surface.
? Automatic dropped film retrieval.
? Random frame selection.
? Automatic frame specific masking.
? Drop down shelf.